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Office of Inspector General

555 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, 17101, PA, US
717-783-8970 -

The Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General is responsible to prevent, investigate, and eradicate fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct in the programs, and operations of agencies which reside under the Governors jurisdiction. The Inspector General also investigates welfare fraud and conducting collection activities for public assistance programs administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

If you suspect Welfare Fraud you can help the OAG by contacting them via the following number: 800-932-0582

To report misconduct by an employee of the state of Pennsylvania you can report this via the following phone number: 877-888-7927

The Office of the Inspector General is comprised of four different bureaus who work to prevent fraud and serve the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  These bureaus include: The Bureau of Special Investigations, The Bureau of Fraud Prevention and Prosecution, The Bureau of Administrative Services, and The Bureau of Information Systems

Office of Inspector General Online Resources:

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